Welcome to the Conservation Club
Kenosha County!

Home of The Bristol Shooting Ranges.


CCKC is a membership club that is also open to the public.

CCKC does not have any firearms for rent.

All ranges are closed on national holidays.



Concealed Carry firearms are not permitted at CCKC.

At the August 8, 2011 Board of Directors meeting it was decided that concealed carry firearms will not be allowed on the CCKC ranges for operational safety reasons. The Board determined that the Rifle/Pistol Range could not be safely closed to change targets downrange if loaded firearms were still present on the firing line. The Board also considered that concealed permit holders cannot practice drawing while the range is open during normal hours of operation. This decision does not impact the use of holsters for training programs or during Action Pistol or Cowboy Matches.


News & Event Announcements:

CCKC 2 Gun Raffle Drawing!

CCKC has been selling raffle tickets this year and if you have purchased them and would like to attend the drawing in person to see if you are one of the lucky 2, we have the date scheduled! Please click here for more information: CCKC 2 GUN RAFFLE DRAWING SUNDAY OCT 25        **If you have not yet purchased tickets and are interested in acquiring some, yes we still have a few remaining tickets available! Call Ellyn @ 262.857.7200 for prize details!**


The next Gun Show will take place Tuesday evening, October 27th. Doors open at 5 P.M and the show will run until 8 P.M. As always, the Boy Scouts will be here serving food, and the entrance fee is still $3.00. If you are interested in joining us as a vendor, call the club at 262.857.7200 and speak with Ellyn!

Cowboy Shoots with The Bristol Pistoleros!

If you have ever been curious about what type of exciting activities take place on our Cowboy Action Range, please take a moment and visit The Bristol Cowboy's website. On their site, the Cowboys have provided detailed information specific to The Cowboy Shoots, their schedule, a basic 'Cowboy 101' list and everything a shooter would need to know in order to shoot on their range and participate as a Cowboy Shooter. They also have links & other fun stuff related to The Cowboy Action Range here at CCKC, like terrific photos of shooters from past matches dressed in full cowboy regalia! Click Here: ——> //http://www.bristolcowboys.com/HOME.html
For those of you who may not have been aware that we have Cowboy Shooting Matches or a Cowboy Action Range here at the club until reading this and are now definitely ready to participate in the fun, our Cowboy matches are normally held on the second Sunday of each month, from April through November. These matches are held on the Skirmish Field next to the Black Powder Range (Wilderness Range area). There are only two 'Cowboy Shoot Date' weekends remaining on the 2015 schedule, so if you are interested in participating, October 10th/11th & November 7th/8th will be your last two chances until April 2016.

2015 High Power Rifle Match and RESULTS posted!

Please check the High Power Match Schedule for further info. A downloadable schedule located under the Activities Tab on the top of this page and is available for you to print, save or view! Have fun and don't miss an exciting opportunity to try your rifle skills!
Practice is still happening Tuesday afternoons, at 2 P.M., until further notice.

2015 Action Pistol schedule is posted!

Please check the Action Pistol page for the 2015 schedule. A downloadable schedule is available at the bottom of the page. Come on out to try your hand at Action Pistol!

NRA Instructor Training

If you would like to get your certification as a NRA Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol or Range Officer – this training is being offered at CCKC at a nominal price for ROs. Contact paul.coleman2@Comcast.net for more information about this important firearm training.

Aerial Video Tour of CCKC Ranges:

(Videos courtesy of Jame Guidici)

Rifle and Shotgun Ranges


Airgun and Wilderness Ranges


Archery Range


New Range Officers Needed!

All Ranges are looking for new volunteer Range Officers, particularly the Rifle and Shotgun Ranges. Contact the Head Range Officer of the range you are interested in. He will explain the benefits of becoming a Range Officer!

NRA Membership Information

Join the NRA or renew your NRA membership at CCKC. This helps to financially support CCKC with a commission from the NRA. Forms are available at the Rifle/Pistol, Shotgun & Wilderness Ranges.

The Lettering Machine

The Lettering Machine is our source for embroidery of the CCKC logo. They are located at 725 50th St. in Kenosha, WI. Their phone number is 262-652-4177. Items can be purchased from them or your own item may be dropped off for custom embroidery of the CCKC logo.

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